Enabling companies to track & manage communication loop closure.

How can companies ensure employees read & understand org communication fully?

masterNAUKRI platform offers multiple features for an organization to track the reading coverage of org communications & ascertain the level of understanding of the message by the recipient. This is 100% digital and results in at least 30% higher effectiveness in terms of on-ground execution timeliness and quality.

Employee training that improves performance & productivity.

How can companies improve the effectiveness of corporate training programs?

Globally, the effectiveness of corporate training programs to drive improvements is reported as below 30%. The key issue highlighted is that programs achieve knowledge dissemination, but the gap between knowledge & delivery remains. masterNAUKRI solves this through a “Learning by Doing” Experiential Learning platform.
Learning by Doing

Uniquely short-video assignments to practice skill delivery.

Skill Assessment

Central ‘expert’ team to grade videos & share feedback.

Skill Certification

Digital certificates to recognize mastering NAUKRI.

Hire right employee in minimum interview rounds.

Why is hiring considered an overhead work at many companies?

Hiring a candidate involves 3-8 rounds of interviews. More than 70% of 1st round interviews are less than 15 minutes long. These are big productivity blows for any company. masterNAUKRI enables companies to pre-screen candidates digitally & select the right candidate in 1 to 2 interviews only.
Digital Interview

Uniquely short-video assignments to pre-screen critical skills.

Outsourced Evaluation

Digital “TA” team with functional competence to grade videos.

Shortlist Summary

“Qualified” candidates for interviews and quick closure.

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